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Most ThomasMax and Divacity Press titles are now available from Kindle and Nook. You can buy these books from (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (Nook) through the following links:

A Kept Promise, $4.99           Kindle link           Nook link

After Midnight in Savannah, $4.99      Kindle link      Nook link

Blue Jeans & Pantaloons in Yesterplace, $5.99       Kindle link      Nook link

Bubba Goes to Alabama, $7.99         Kindle link       Nook link

Chasing Pirates, $4.99            Kindle link          Nook link

Crackajack Love, $5.99       Kindle link     Nook link

Hike with Smoky Joe, $5.99   Kindle link   (not available for Nook)

I'm 17 and Out of My Mind, $4.99     Kindle link        Nook link

IncrediBoy, $4.99                  Coming soon to Kindle    Nook link

Musings from a Cluttered Mind, $5.99     Kindle link       Nook link

My Apologies, Mr. Poe, $5.99        Kindle link        Nook link

Myrick Memories, $5.99      Kindle link        Nook link

Operation Narco Sub, $4.99     Kindle link      Nook link

Poplar River, $5.99                 Kindle link        Nook link

Principal Murder, $3.99          Kindle link        Nook link

So Shall You Reap, $4.99       Kindle link         Nook link

Southern Fire, $5.99                Kindle link         Nook link

Sunken Treasure, $4.99          Kindle link         Nook link

Survival Guides, $5.99            Kindle link         Nook link

Susan Myrick of GWTW, $9.99     Kindle link    (not available for Nook)

Tales of a Suburban Gypsy, $5.99     Kindle link         Nook link

The Counterfeit War, $4.99      Kindle link        Nook link

The Dreaded Synopsis, $ 9.99    Kindle link          Nook link

The Enchanted Journey, $6.99   Kindle link    (not available for Nook)

The Many Leaves of Wisdom, $4.99     Kindle link      Nook link

The Missing Bomb, $4.99         Kindle link        Nook link

The Moulin Huge, $4.99           Kindle link         Nook link

The Proof is in the Pudding Cookbook, $4.99   Kindle link     Nook link

The Well of Loneliness, $4.99          Kindle link       Nook link

U-Boat Secret Mission, $4.99      Kindle link       Nook link

Understanding Trauma & Dissociation, $ 9.99       Kindle link    Nook link

Walk With Me, $5.99           Kindle link      Nook link

We Enjoyed Alaska, $5.99      Kindle link    (not available for Nook)

Whispers in the Dark, $4.99    Kindle link      Nook link

Written on a Rock, $5.99          Kindle link    Nook link